Have I mentioned that I hate plumbing?

As you can see in the video it was a pain to use as it was and the diverter for the spray attachment wasn’t fully engaging which wastes a lot of water. So we’d been discussing options, fix this one and drill a new hole for the spray attachment or get a new one. Well, yesterday the aerator blew right out of the faucet head. I could have super glued it back in and made the other repairs but Lowe’s had the Kohler faucet we’ve been wanting on sale so we pulled the trigger and bought it:


Both removing the old Moen faucet and installing the new one went pretty smoothly. Installing the new Kohler took all of 5 minutes. It was all going so well, until I tried to re-attach the waste line from the dishwasher to the garbage disposal. The waste line just fell apart at the mount for the garbage disposal.

A quick trip to Home Depot (it’s much closer than Lowe’s) for a new waste line, an improvised coupler and an hour of uninstalling and re-installing the dishwasher later:

Oh well, I was able to add a high drain loop to the waste line while I was at it so that’s one less thing on my to do list.

New faucet