Cherry on Top

For various reasons I’m not going to go into here I did not to wall mount our new TV. And of course, the stand we have wasn’t rated for a TV this size (82″). I have been seriously concerned that it would slide off of the back or front of the stand so I decided to make some blocks that would wrap around the front legs of the TV and would be screwed down from underneath keeping the TV from sliding around the top of the stand. It would also make it much tougher to tip over as it would have to take the stand with it.

I’ve had a block of Cherry sitting in my scrap bin for years. This turned out to be the right project for it. I roughed out some lines and eventually figured out a simple yet inelegant way to do this.

After roughing in the shape for each block I counter sunk some holes for some 3-1/2′ screws.

Next, I used a 1/4″ round-over bit in my trim router to break the sharp edges.

Then I cut each block in half and laid out the rest of the lines I needed to shape each block around the legs.

I used my bandsaw to make some clean edges (OK I probably should have skipped this step with the bandsaw), then alternated between a Forstner bit and a chisel to hog out the majority of the waste. I used a 1/2″ Dremel drum sander to fine tune the fit. A lot of sanding then a coat of bees-wax and mineral oil cleaned them up nicely.

In order to wrap the front legs of the TV stand I screwed each of the two mounts together from the back the ran 2-1/2′ screws from underneath to anchor them to the top of the stand.

I’ve gotta say I’m a little disappointed in this Galaxy Note 20’s picture quality. I’m sure it’s a cheap lens but still…
I took a few more up close. they look better IRL than they do in the pix I’ve taken with this phone.