I just couldn’t decide what color to paint the frame when I found a can of white semi-gloss. I grabbed a 4″ foam roller and finally got this thing done.

But first, let’s review what this was meant to be. I have a cheap shelving unit on my Google Meat/Zoom wall that has a bunch of gnarly things on the shelves that I’d prefer hiding. I thought about making doors but I’ve been using a painting leaned against it for so long that I’m kind of used to just having something leaning up against it.

I was at the big orange box store and found a 24″x48″ chalkboard/whiteboard reversible panel for $6. I ripped 12″ off of one end and using a 12″x12″ scrap piece of a white shelf I had laying around made a 36″ square collage of the three parts.

I had some scrap lumber-grade 2″x2″s and routed a 1/4″ channel in them to use as a crude frame for it: