I’m done with GoDaddy

After way more years than I want to admit I am finally done with GoDaddy.

I bought the tamerand.com domain name more than ten years ago when I set it up as a reseller site for GoDaddy services. Mainly I used it to make sure my clients were getting the least expensive domain registration, hosting, etc. It was convenient at the time to have access to all of the domains on one account.

For years the quality of service has dropped but two years ago they began dropping applications and support for different platforms. When they dropped support on my hosting service for Drupal and made hundreds of pages of content unrecoverable I was done.

Unfortunately it took two more years for me to have the time and energy to move multiple sites to a new hosting service.

So far I am blown away at how much better this new service is but at this time I still have to move one client’s site, and tamerand.com as well as the newer webetal.com domains over. They are the two store fronts I have for the reseller services.

I’ll write more about all of this after I get them moved. I can’t move move until I’ve taken care of all of my clients. I have until March 30th to get it all done.

Update(a long time later): I got it all done with minimal interruption of service to any of the sites.

I’m just glad to be done with GoDaddy.