Pix Art 2

Ugghh, yesterday was not one of my best days.

I spent an hour resetting the new lights and adjusting the camera settings. I had my little HP laptop patched into the camera to view the camera screen and the resulting pix we were taking.

I set the camera to F5.6, ISO 100, and the shutter speed to 1/20. It looked great so we spent the next five hours shooting pix of 27 of Tammy’s pieces of art.

Then we looked at them on my main desktop (the MSI) with my two 24′ monitors. All of the pix were still too dark.

I can use them for the prints but I would have to do some major adjustments in Photoshop on each and every shot. I don’t want to do that. I want to do this right from the jump and take better pictures.

I ordered new bulbs so I have 5500K CFL Day Light bulbs in all six sidelights. I’ll spend more time adjusting the camera settings and check the pix on my MSI before I proceed to take all of them over again next Saturday.

I also had a lot of trouble with the really cheap plastic tripod I have. It was on clearance at Walmart for like $20 a few years ago. It was “good enough” for the little point and click cameras I had but was extremely clunky trying to use it with this much bigger camera. Just trying to frame the shot was a struggle and took way longer than it should have and every time I pushed the button to take a picture the camera moved. It was beyond frustrating.

The new aluminum tripod I ordered will be here Tuesday.