Third Eye, the Third

Well, I found out a little over a week ago that I was getting a new 27″ iMac. Of course, I did not know that when I built the riser. The new iMac is three inches taller than the 21.5″ model I was using so I either had to either add three inches in height to the riser and build a 3″ riser for the second monitor or somehow shrink the new iMac so it would fit under the third monitor as it was now configured.

I really did not want to raise the height of all three monitors. I prefer they are at or below my line of site. Though I have to a bit for the third monitor, I prefer not having to crane my neck back while working. On my home workstation the top of monitors are just below my line of site and I rarely get neck or eye fatigue with that arrangement.

At this time I can’t really do that with my work workstation. I don’t have enough room horizontally for all three monitors. I’ve been tempted to buy a second mounting arm and re-orient the two extra monitors vertically. This would solve a lot of problems but it would still be a really tight fit horizontally and I would need to move the shelf about a foot to the right or raise it about four inches to get it all to fit. While that would probably be the best option it would cost another $30 and it would be a lot more work.

For now I have chosen to dust off my trusty monitor shrinking machine (Patent Pending) to try and get the new machine to fit into the current space. Kidding, anyway I found the dimensions for the 27″ iMac online, took more measurements and built the “under shelf.”

I eased all of the edges and sanded it. I also added a couple of coats of Teak oil and wax before mounting it.

It turns out I mounted this just barely far enough to the right for the monitor to fit. I probably should have spent a little more time looking at this before mounting it, but it worked.

There is just an 1/8″ between the desktop and the iMac (when fully perpendicular), and between the iMac and the upper monitor.

Done, for now.