Third Eye

Last Friday I decided I wanted a third monitor for my work system:

I ordered the least expensive 24″ HDMI capable monitor I could find that could also be delivered by Sunday. It’s a ViewSonic VA2446mh. I got it for just $110 w/delivery.

My work desk is height adjustable so I can stand or sit.I did not want to mount the monitor on the wall. Well that and I may end up re-arranging my office so I did not want to have to deal with moving the mount, patching holes, etc. so I ordered an ErGear Single Monitor Mount Stand.

I knew the mount was going to be too short to get the new monitor over the two existing ones but building a riser for the new mount would make up for the lack of height I needed and was much cheaper than buying a much more expensive, taller arm..

I didn’t take any pictures during the build of the riser, but here is the final product in use.

The riser can slide side to side without having to loosen any clamps, bolts, or screws. More importantly though the monitor will move up and down with the desktop as I raise or lower it to sit or stand. I don’t actually it lower it to sit that often. Once in a while after about 7-8 hours of work I will sit for whatever is left in the work day.

One change I may need to make is really just an addition. I ‘ll probably glue some leather to the back of the riser just to make sure it doesn’t scratch the paint on the wall. It’s a pretty snug fit between it and the wall but I can squeeze some thin leather in there.

So for $137 and some scrap wood I have a new third monitor, for my “work” workstation that is.