The Iron Rocking Horse pt. 3

Here’s where production slowed big time. I kept fine tuning parts and the ways to mount them but the big problem was designing the base and the way I was going to mount the motorcycle to it.

Eventually I asked a neighbor to weld a piece of 2″ angle iron and 3/4′ black pipe into a kind of inverted cross. I used a long 3/4″ boring bit to drill out the hole vertically from the bottom of the chassis and epoxied the black pipe in to the hole. The angle iron ran perpendicular to the bike and was sandwiched in between some 2″x6″ pallet wood.

I had pallet wood I was going to use for the runners but they were badly twisted so I bought a 14′ long 7″ LVL and shaped them into the runners tied together with more of the 2″x6″ pallet wood I had.

There was a lot more sanding and fine tuning, then it was time for paint…

I really love the way this turned out despite how long it took to make and the fact that I pretty much designed it on the fly.