CNC – A couple of upgrades:

I wanted to see what I could do to quiet this setup. Using some scrap 1/2″ OSB and Styrofoam I built a box and cut some holes for the 1-14″ hose I found at Home Depot.

CNC Workstation

I hope to get a “hood” built for the backside that will suck in the dust. The mount for the blowing attachment is temporary. I think the permanent one will be mounted on the dust vac box. Probably some kind of articulating arm. I’m still working on the design for that.

Swithes for CNC and Vac

$10 worth for the 4-gang box, 2 -switches, 2- outlets, and an hour or two later I had two switched outlets, one for the vac, the other for the CNC. I’ll mount it farther away from the CNC later. I don’t want to have to reach across the CNC machine to do an emergency stop of the machine.

Note: I realized long after creating this post that I never discussed the vacuum I was using.
Well here is a separate post about it.