Ridgid Band Saw Rehab

The Ridgid BS14002

This is probably one of the cheapest non-tabletop band saws ever made, and it shows. I was never able to make straight cuts with it. Every time I used it I thought it was going to shake itself apart. Once we got moved into our new home and I had a chance to asses my tools, fresh out of long-term storage. This band saw was the first to get the full treatment.

I reviewed several YouTube videos where people far more familiar with the maintenance of band saws were overhauling these models with seriously respectable results. Better than out-of-the-box results. I took in all of their advice and had at it over a couple of weekends:

Once I got it all back together with a new blade I tuned it and 95% of the vibration was gone. I was even able to get a nickel to stand on edge on while turning it on and running it.