Social Media Development

Success with Social Media

As I am sure you know, Social Media has become a driving force on the Internet, Ecommerce , and in the daily lives of a countless number of people world-wide.

On a personal level, I really don't spend much time with Social Media of any kind, it's just not my thing. I find myself concerned with the amount of time that is spent on it by some people and the privacy risks that are inherent with various forms of it.

On a professional level, I more than appreciate what it can do for a product or brand. I use it on a nearly daily basis for research into a variety of interests both personal and professional.

I fully understand and try to impress upon my clients that if you want to grow your existing business, launch a new business (or Non-Profit Organization), or in many cases a new career, some element of Social Media is really essential to your success.

Developing the right Social Media solution(s) for a client can be tricky but as the quote above states, you really can't lose by trying. If one type of Social Media doesn't provide the results you're looking for you learn from the experience and apply the knowledge with the next client.

Social Media - the Minimum

FaceBook: the 900 pound gorilla of Social Media, cannot be ignored.

  • Of course I have a FaceBook account, who doesn't? This account is for professional purposes only.
  • Doctor Lew, a retired Geography Professor, author, and client, (and I say this with a tremendous amount of respect for the person, and all of his accomplishments) is a Luddite.

    He's been using a Mac for years to create his manuscripts, post grades for his classes. He uses it for email and the Internet but does not have a smart phone and did not have any Social Media accounts.

    From the first consultation I had with him about creating a website for his books I stressed the benefits of Social media, a FaceBook account at the minimum. He simply was not interested, for the first six months or so. I've talked him into a FaceBook account which has been highly successful for directing new traffic to his book site.

YouTube: For nearly everyone that has a product, tangible or otherwise, that they want to promote.

  • I do have a YouTube account but it is for testing purposes only. I may create another one should I find something I wish to promote.
  • When re-building the SS and AFX site I made sure that links to company's FaceBook and YouTube accounts were accessible on every page of the site.

    The company's products, although beautiful when stationary, can't be fully appreciated until seen in action.

Other Social Media