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Flip-top Planer/Chop Saw Cabinet

Now that I have my router built into my table saw (that post is coming) I can re-purpose this old router cabinet I built more than fifteen years ago.

My old “Custom” router cabinet
Filled with dust and tools
Cabinet gutted and flip-top construction has begun
That’s the platform from my old standing desk
I took the handle off of the planer…
and hung it on the side with an allen wrench…
so I wouldn’t have to cut even more out of the side panel.
I found this hardware in a box of odds and ends parts
I’ll be capping off these sides with some scrap hardwood

It’s ugly, but it works, and it’s a lot more stable than I thought it would be despite the planer being much heavier than the chop saw.

Gap Cap1
I eventually got the gaps at the top capped off.
Gap Cap2

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