GoDaddy Broke My Site

Without informing me that they were doing this, GoDaddy dropped all Drupal functionality for my hosting service

About a week ago I was in my Drupal 7 admin panel and noticed that I needed a core update. After taking my site offline I used uploaded the necesary files but when I performed the update I got a PDOException: error and have never been able to recover from it because GoDAddy no longer allows the installation of Drupal on my server.

There apears to be no way to recover the nearly 200 pges of content I had put together for this site.

I will be looking for a new hosting service to move all of my domains and my customer's domains to when my current conteract ends with GoDaddy next February.

I will be working on re-building this site as I find the time.

GoDaddy Sux